Proximity Marketing

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Get Into Your Customers Wallet

Proximity marketing is the localized wireless distribution of advertising content associated with a particular place. Transmissions can be received by individuals in that location who wish to receive them and have the necessary equipment (enabled cell phones and tablets) to do so.
Distribution may be via a traditional localized broadcast, or more commonly is specifically targeted to devices known to be in a particular area.
The location of a device may be determined by:

  • A cellular phone being in a particular cell
  • A Bluetooth or WiFi device being within range of a transmitter.
  • An Internet enabled device with GPS enabling it to request localized content from Internet servers.
  • A NFC enabled phone can read a RFID chip on a product or media and launch localized content from internet servers.

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Communications may be further targeted or retargeted as it is known to specific groups within a given location, for example, content in tourist hot spots may only be distributed to devices registered outside the local area.
Communications may be both time and place specific, e.g. content at a conference venue may depend on the event in progress.
Uses of proximity marketing include distribution of media at concerts, information (web-links on local facilities), gaming and social applications, and advertising.

How it Works

1. Connect Utilizing, GPS, iBeacons, Wi-Fi, QR Codes and a whole host of Digital techniques locate your clients that are within buying range of your location.
2. Welcome them to your locations personal experience for them as they move about you business on a private tour of items they were previously interested in.
3. Prior tracking of purchases allow you to deliver personalized product sale offerings just as they approach a product.
4. The New Mobile Era, By utilizing today’s technology you will serve your clients at a level that lets them know you care, while at the same time you will attract and retain more clients over time that are spending more money with you over your competition